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Beat the rush in Orlando this June!

  • May 14, 2019
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Photo by Chris Favero, some rights reserved

Orlando is heating up for the summer! But if you want to really experience the best of Orlando’s amazing theme parks, then consider getting in BEFORE summer break begins and booking a trip for this June! You’ll get a combination of great weather and smaller crowds than what you’ll find in July and August when all of the family vacations are taking place.

Here are some of the exciting events taking place this month!


Acapella music is a breathtaking display of vocal mastery, and Pentatonix is maybe the hottest acapella group in the world! They’ve sold nearly 10 million albums, won three Grammy’s and continue to transform pop classics into mind-blowing vocal exercises that sound even better than the originals!

Originally from Arlington, Texas, this powerful group of vocalists made a name for themselves on YouTube with a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” before winning season 3 of The Sing-Off. Since then they’ve been taking over the world with the power of song and you can see them June 1 at the Amway Center here in Orlando Florida!


It’s a family friendly rave! Beginning May 30 and ending on August 24, Disneyland’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park will feature a live DJ, blacklights, glowsticks and dancing! Hosted by Disney’s “Dinosaur of Ceremonies” Rex from Toy Story, this is a dance party your whole family will love.


Didn’t get enough of a dance party at Disneyland? Then head to Seaworld to continue the party! Exploring the natural bioluminescence of deep water sea creatures, this event turns Seaworld into a dance party under the sea. Learn, dance, and have fun!

Of course, if you want your whole trip to be a party you’ll book a stay at Silver Lake Resort, the hotel that acts as a destination in and of itself! With pools, arcades, sports and more we’re your guarantee for a great trip.

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